Beating the Lockdown Blues – Top Tips for Staying Positive this Winter

We are near the end of the second year of the COVID 19 pandemic, and restrictions are being reintroduced all over the world for the winter flu season. It’s super easy to become pandemic fatigued and start to feel low as the weather is harsh with dark days and early nights. Yet staying positive is one of the best things you can do to help your immune system, so we have some top tips for getting through another winter of COVID:


Even though it’s cold outside, going out for a walk in the fresh air can really blow away the cobwebs and help relieve fatigue and low mood. If you’re struggling to get outside to catch some daylight, then indoor exercise can equally help, so use the opportunity to get fit for spring during the long dark nights. Check out our article on Chloe Ting’s 10 minute Abs Workout for inspiration! 

Think Positive Thoughts

With so much negative news about the pandemic, you can easily start to get lost in vicious cycle of anxiety and negative thinking. As you allow these thoughts into your head without any resolution, they can build and before you know it, you don’t dare to leave the house in case something bad happens. Meditation and distraction can help, focus on a positive activity, start a new hobby, learn a new skill and learn to push those negative thoughts out of your head! For tips how to start your day with positivity, check out our Morning Motivation article. If you’re struggling with anxiety, don’t be afraid to reach out to professional services, such as your doctor or therapist for help, you are never alone.

Be Productive

Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed with tasks, learn how to perfect your productivity and work smarter not harder. In return you’ll be motivated by your achievements and have more time to do things you love for yourself and with your loved ones. Evaluate your day to celebrate what has gone well and plan your schedule to make the most out of your high energy times of day, and leave your calendar free for times you need to rest and recharge.

Connect with Others

Scrolling through your news feed on social media can heighten feelings of helplessness and negativity, as you read many articles about things we have no control over. Instead, take time to connect with your friends and talk together, about your worries. As the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved, and both parties in the conversation will benefit from the connection. Even a video or telephone call is enough to take the edge off the feelings of loneliness. Don’t forget to end the call on a positive note, with fun future plans for the spring and summer!

Remember it Won’t Last Forever, So Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

Every day that passes is a step closer to lighter and warmer days, and more freedom as COVID cases decline during the spring and summer months. Try to live in the present and take something positive, no matter how small from each day. You have no control over what happens in the world, but you do have control over how you react to it. You can only do your best, and perfection is even more impossible to achieve in these crazy times. Take off the pressure and reflect on the many good things you have in your life.

European COVID Restrictions – Where to Find the Latest Information

Keeping up to date with the latest COVID restrictions is difficult as the situation evolves daily. If you plan to travel, always check the latest information from the government you plan to travel to, and also your own country’s rules for reentry. For general information, you can check this page which has information for restrictions for every European country.