Morning Motivation – Starting Your Day the Right Way

We’ve all had mornings that just didn’t start right. When we have a bad morning, then the rest of our day seems to be an uphill battle of negativity and never ending issues! Getting up in the morning is the most important part of our day, yet so many of us don’t have anything in place to make sure we start the day well.

One of the main reasons that people find it difficult to set up a great morning routine is that just reading about all of the options is so tiring! We all hear about how successful business people start the day at 5am, with meditation, reading, supplements, exercise and more, and us mere mortals are overwhelmed before we even open our eyes. Yet setting up a great routine doesn’t need to be complicated. It simply needs to work for YOU.

Keep it Simple and Manageable

A morning routine is no good if you do so much that you’re tired for the rest of the day! The key is adding small steps to your morning until you have a complete routine that you’re happy with. Waking up just 15 minutes earlier can make a huge difference between calmness and chaos. Sitting still with one coffee can be enough to get your brain ready for your email inbox. Once you’ve made one small change, if you feel you’d like to add something else, go for it! Your routine can be flexible as you feel more confident.

Exercise is not Only for Your Body

Not everyone has the motivation or even interest exercising in the morning, sometimes an evening workout is better for us. If you prefer to work your muscles later in the day, then use the morning to exercise your mind! Read an article, do some brain training games, or take 15 minutes to learn something new each day. Keeping your brain fit and healthy is just as important as your body, a short amount of time each day is all you need to help keep your grey matter at its best!

Try to Connect With Those Important to You

We all have such busy lives it can be difficult to schedule time to connect with those we love most. Yet the start of the day is the perfect opportunity before all of the tasks of the day start, and often better than the end of the day when we are tired and just want to switch off. There are many ways to connect, having breakfast together, writing notes, preparing your loved one a snack or lunch. Even just taking time to hug before you leave the house can keep us connected with loved ones. If you have pets, spending a short while with them can do wonders for your mental health and is extremely calming, exactly what we need for the busy day ahead!

No Matter What, Be Positive

There is no perfect way to start the day, so don’t pressure yourself! Even the most popular ‘morning rituals’ won’t work for everyone. Don’t benefit from making the bed in the morning? Don’t do it! Want to spend 30 minutes alone not doing anything at all? Go for it! The most important element to a great morning routine, is starting your day with positivity! With a positive mindset, you’re guaranteed to easily deal with any challenges that come your way!