LèMert Loves - Chloe Ting's 10 Minute Abs Workout

Sometimes it's hard to get motivated to take ourselves to the gym for a workout, especially when it's cold and dark outside! Lucky for us, Chloe Ting, a famous fitness YouTuber has our backs with her free (yes FREE!) online workout challenges which went viral during the lockdowns of 2020. Judging by her 22.3 million subscribers, the Ting is AH-MAY-ZING!

Easy to Follow

We headed on over to her YouTube channel to see what we could find, and we were impressed! Her easy to follow workout challenges are split into manageable sessions of around 25 to 30 minutes (max 50 mins) with timers for each exercise to keep us motivated when we felt like we wanted to give up. Meaning we could fit in a exercise session at any time. Another great thing is apart from a yoga mat for comfort, no special equipment is required, making the workouts accessible to all. 

Great for Beginners

Chloe's workouts are great for beginners and her pacing helps as she explains the next exercise during the breaks between sets. She also offers recipes via her website to assist with weight loss and achieve real results when used with her workouts. Although sometimes the exercises can be repetitive, she does have enough content to be able to mix and match her classes to suit you. We highly recommend giving it a try, as you feel energised, fitter and more motivated with every class!

LèMert Loves - 10 Minute Abs Workout

For a quick session that gives us a great sense of achievement we love Chloe's 10 Minute Abs Workout, to help us get that flat stomach we've been dreaming of! Check it out:  

13 exercises 40 seconds on; 5-10 off

You can use the slider on the video to skip to the exercise:

V-up alt knee tucks

Plank leg kicks

Cocoon crunches

Knee to elbow plank variation


Hip dip

Semi circle crunch

Side plank + tap (L)

Side plank + tap (R)

Alt jack knife

In and out russian twist

Roll up

Mountain climber

We'll be back soon to discuss calorie deficit, which is essential for maximum belly fat busting!

But for now, Happy Shredding!