LèMert production, behind the scenes

We’re in production and we can’t wait to show you behind the scenes of our production process! As a brand that values transparency, we find it important to show you what happens where, and how. LèMert production works in the old-fashioned – and fair – way. Besides, it’s very exciting to see our brand and months of brainstorming come to life! Follow LèMert on its productional journey here!

Why does LèMert production take place in Italy?

You might have questioned why we’re producing our brand in Italy. It’s quite simple, actually. Italy stands for quality garment making in a good environment. In addition, our creative director Samantha is from Italy and works on site to oversee the process. We believe in working with local teams and paying fair wages. Not only do we get inspiration from a culture or country, we find it important to give back by sharing talent and workspace. In a better (and hopefully near-future) world, fashion is produced in a way that it benefits everyone in a fair way. We’re proud contributors to this movement.

The production process

We will start delivering our LèMert garments in the beginning of July and we can’t wait! Working on the LèMert production has been a creative dream and we love being in the middle of it. At the moment, we’re working on our preorders, but in July, it’s time to deliver! The production process in Italy is going strong – our fabrics are of high-quality with great yarns, and we’re working on a load of fine cotton garments. Expect superior fabrics from a fair wage production.

In production NOW

Ever wonder what it looks like inside a production house like the one we’re working with? Yes – there are sewing machines at hand. Multiple Italian seamstresses are working hard on our fabrics, shuffling around the signature LèMert Baile de Colores print on their work floor. With a big table full of our prints and colors – a great big deal of yellow – and a few smaller desks with sewing machines, all of our seamstresses have the space to make our collection come to life. They look at zippers, organize yarns, check the LèMert labels and gather cloth. It’s a busy bee environment, lived in by hard workers. Making your ruffles, your Hermosa cutaway jumpsuit, your Reina printed shirt dress  and your Joya bralette top.


Save the date! After LèMert production finishes, we’ll be delivering gorgeous garments to bold women around the world from July 13th! Pre-order yours now!