Why the color of the moment is yellow

Just like fashion items in itself, colors have always been a great way to show your personality and style. Interestingly, cultural trends like these are often not limited to the runway or in stores, but can truly make its way into society. So while Millenials reclaimed feminine pink, the following generation is characterized by a bold yellow. Find out how and why Generation Z yellow is the color of the moment, and which items you can shop at LèMert to stay on trend!

A pretty colored generation

Did you notice? A few years back, scrolling through your social accounts seemed to be a pink affair. It was everywhere: from fashion bloggers posing in front of pale-pink Miami walls to whole restaurants colored in sweet flamingo. The color got called ‘Millenial pink’, after this generation’s obsession with this color on Instagram and Tumblr. Women all around acclaimed pink as an innocent but stand-out color for strong females. The milestone of this trend was when color experts Pantone dubbed ‘rose quartz’ the color of the year in 2016.

Move over!

But as the oldest batch of Millenials is nearing the age of 40, Generation Z (people born between the mid-90’s and early 2000’s) is slowly taking over the young adult baton. While bubblegum and candyfloss colored posts on Instagram are still going strong, online fashion magazine Man Repeller observed a new color trend amongst youngsters: a bright and happy, but fierce yellow. Like Millenial pink, it’s not just one color, but several shades of yellow. From rich banana to pale electric!

What does yellow stand for?

If Millenial pink seems to fit the girl that very carefully curates her Instagram feed, and is a bit more serious about how she comes across, Generation Z yellow is the more spontaneous version: still feminine and happy, but bolder. Not only do you see more shades yellow appearing on Instagram posts, but also in the outfits of several famous young women. Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenn, r and Emma Stone all slowly started to incorporate yellow into their basic wardrobe items and accessories.

How to style it

We get it, yellow is bright and bold, and you will probably turn heads in a pretty, lemon colored dress. But even though Generation Z yellow consists of various shades, the trend usually stays away from bright, canary yellow. Instead, choose gold, amber, mustard, pastel or a pale neon. Whatever fits your personality and style!

LèMert´s sunny yellow pieces

Inspired by the sun-drenched Caribbean, at LèMert we’re all about color! That’s why you can shop some pretty, eye-popping yellow pieces that show personality and style. Our Hermosa cutaway jumpsuit is a ready-to-go outfit for a sultry summer night dinner or cocktail night with your friends. The bow on the Joya bralette top is adjustable which makes it a versatile piece. You can style it as a sporty top during the day with jeans or a simple skirt/short and sneaker, or add a midi/maxi skirt and heels for a night out. Take for example our Sinuosa midi-skirt, that is just as adjustable as the Joya top due to its open wrap and knotting detail. Throw it on for a beach session, or style it with a white shirt for a day of culture when you’re city-hopping!

Do you want to see more of our pieces? Check our Resort 19 collection here.

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