Fall in love with our Hermosa Jumpsuit

Ellie Kemper in Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit powergreen at the Ellen Show

Our Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit is the versatile travel item you did not know you needed on your travels until now. Fall in love with this item while you walk through fields of palm trees or attend a party at a secret location somewhere in the mountains. Or while you wander around a little harbor town looking all fabulous while enjoying an ice-cream. You can do all of this and more in our Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit. In this blog we will give you all the reasons for you to fall in love with this item just like Emmy nominated actress Ellie Kemper did.


We already matched our Hermosa Cutaway jumpsuit to St. Tropez in another blog in which we explained how this item embodies this beautiful harbor town.

But it is not only St. Tropez that embodies this item it is also a must have when you travel to other countries, even to the colder ones. Yes, you can wear our jumpsuit with a faux fur bomber jacket to keep you warm when you are in colder climates. Just let your creativity run wild.


Not only is this item lightweight because it is made from Cotton Poplin with a little bit of stretch to ensure the perfect fit, it also comes in colors that will brighten up your mood. White for feeling free and it is a great color to match with bright colored and bold accessories. Yellow, for happiness, freshness, and standing out from the crowd.

Powergreen, to give you that confidence in any situation. Emmy nominated actress Ellie Kemper was more than confident in our Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit in the color power green, during a brilliant and funny appearance on the Ellen show. She mesmerized the audience with her outfit and personality! Watch the full video of the interview here!

Do you feel the butterflies coming up already? Yes, you are in love. Order your Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit here!