Why our Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit embodies St Tropez

Why the Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit embodies St Tropez

St Tropez. This seaside town on the French Rivera gained worldwide attention through the movie And God Created Woman starring a young Brigitte Bardot in 1956. A coastal town with little historic streets a beautiful port and of course lots of sunshine. We feel that this place embodies our Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit. Read along to find out why.

July and August are the months to be in St Tropez! The city is buzzing with people from all over the world. Can you imagine that the city has a population of 6000 people, but 5 million people visit it every year? That is the attraction of St Tropez.

We know you would like to have 3 outfit changes a day when you are visiting a new town, but what happens when you know that one garment matches the town so perfectly? You decide to wear it all day or a in different colors throughout the day.


Wake up and get dressed in the white version of the Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit. Put on a pair of slippers, your biggest hat and go for breakfast at Le Café de Paris. A spot with a panoramic view on the port and the luxury boats that lie there. The place where you can do some serious peoplewatching while looking all lovely in your white jumpsuit on the terrace.

No need to change when you go and explore the historic side of St Tropez. Your white jumpsuit looks marvelous against the backdrop of the beautiful rue de Citadelle where you walk up to visit 16th-century ramparts on a hilltop (Citadelle). It gives you a wonderful view from the city and the sea.

Beach time

Switch into something more comfortable when you do some celeb spotting at famous beach club Nikki beach in your Mariposa ruffled swimsuit.  When you come back from your time at the beach switch into the yellow Hermosa Cutaway jumpsuit for an evening stroll down the boulevard.

The powergreen version of the Hermosa Cutaway jumpsuit is reserved for a night of partying in one of the hottest clubs in St Tropez, Les Caves Du Roy where you dance the night away!

So, there you have it all the reasons why the Hermosa Cutaway Jumpsuit is such a perfect match for St Tropez.

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