The traveling shorts – 5 ways to style our Viajante Short


It is in the name. This item wants to travel with you everywhere you go. It is the Viajante short. These shorts are as versatile as it can be. Still in need for inspiration on how to style this must-have? Read along to find out how you can style this item in 5 different ways.


It is a classic. Style your Viajante Short with a t-shirt. Well, we happen to have the best one for you. Our Human t-shirt matches perfectly with this item! But a t-shirt with an allover print won’t spoil the fun either.

Fanny pack

Yes, the fanny pack. We dedicated a blog to this item of the moment. How to style it with your Viajante short? Just take out the bow and replace it with a fanny pack and you are good to go!

Sneakers or heels?

Style it with sneakers and heels. Why choose? The versatility of the Viajante Short is endless stylewise. Put on the Joya Bralette Top, a pair of sneakers and you are ready to hit the streets of La or Miami. Replace the sneakers with a pair of heels and stand out in the crowd at a party downtown!

Reina Shirt dress

You need to use your imagination for this one. The cool thing about our Reina Shirt dress is that it can be worn open and clothes. See yourself in the Viajante short (minus bow), a bright colored crop top and that cool printed Reina shirt dress hanging on your shoulders. A stunning look, right?


You can perfectly use the Viajante Short to stroll on the beach. Put on the Mariposa ruffled swimsuit and combine it with the Viajante Short of your choice.

There you have it. 5 ways to style our Viajante Short. Show us how you style this item and tag us @lemertoffical on Facebook and Instagram!