Trend comeback: the fanny pack

Fanny pack

Unlike what most people think, the fanny pack isn’t just a ‘fashion’ item for American grandma’s on a holiday. This little handy hip bag was a true showstopper in the 80’s! Like Madonna, the Rubix cube and skinny jeans, the fanny pack has made a comeback from the 80’s and that’s fantastic. Read along if you want to know how to style yours with the LèMert wraparound skirt and Human tee!

Where does the fanny pack come from?

The fanny pack (or bum bag in the UK) is a small pouch with a zipper, worn around the hips or waist. Although they’re unmistakably connected to the 80’s, earlier versions of the fanny pack were worn way before. The Native Americans wore buffalo pouches, carried on the waist, wrist or chest. Europeans wore a similar belt-pouch, for instance, the Scottish ‘sporran’. Not surprising, as they’re super handy if you have to run around hunting for animals. Or if you’re a middle-aged tourist!

The 80’s vs now

We all know the fanny pack was a true fashion item in the 80’s. Made out of synthetic materials and funky colors, they weren’t just practical but super cool to wear with your neon tights as well. And of course, this is exactly why the fanny pack has made a comeback. Time to run to the stores! All jokes aside, the fanny pack always held a little place in our hearts. Why? Because of the reason, they were so popular 30+ years ago: they’re practical but cool. Perfect for an overseas trip or a weekend getaway!

How to style them with LèMert

We think the fanny pack is the ultimate accessory for your summer wardrobe. Perfect to mix and match with our summer proof, resort collection!

Our favorite fanny pack style choice:

Style your fanny pack with the Sinuosa wraparound skirt and our Human t-shirt. We think it makes for the ultimate, sporty yet feminine holiday style. We love the comfortable, yet stylish look! Combine your look with sneakers, and you’re ready to go!

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