Self-Care in the New Year

The New Year brings new opportunities, challenges and time to reflect and set new goals. One of the most important things to remember when planning your goals for the coming year, is to make sure that you have plenty of energy both mentally and physically to be able to achieve your dreams. Self-care is vital to ensure you take time to replenish your strength and keep pushing forward all year long.

Eat Well, Move Well, Sleep Well

Keep your physical self in tip top condition by fuelling your body with healthy and nutritious food, which in turn gives you more energy to exercise. When your physical self is in good condition, you have more oxygen going to your brain to help you work, and also to your muscles to build your strength. Don’t forget to also schedule in time to sleep, as it is vital for physical and mental recovery. Many people work hard to exercise and eat well, but rest is also required for optimal results. Meditation can also help you rest your mind and refocus your energy in difficult times.

Top Tips:

  • Add healthy smoothies or juices to your morning routine to kick start your day in a healthy way
  • Start exercising in short bursts with just 10 or 15 minutes to keep motivated
  • Set up a bedtime routine to help put your brain and body into rest mode

Take Time to Socialize

Humans are naturally social creatures that need interaction with others to feel safe and secure. Taking on tasks is so much easier when you have someone to share the journey with. You can celebrate success, discuss challenges, or even just spend time to rest and relax. It doesn’t matter who you choose to spend your time with, friend, family or significant other, as long as the person or people have a positive energy and are supportive of your goals.

Top Tips:

  • Time with others doesn’t have to be face to face, connecting virtually can also help to overcome feelings of stress and loneliness.
  • Surround yourself with positive people, and use this energy to help your own positivity and motivation
  • Remember relationships are a two way street. Be careful not to be overcome by the needs of others which will take energy from your own goals. Sometimes it’s ok to say no.

Boost Your Confidence

Feeling confident is one of the key secrets to achieving your goals. Confidence can be achieved from both looking good and being mentally prepared for the tasks ahead. Take time to pamper yourself, treat yourself to a new style, or learn a new skill. All of these things can give you the confidence to walk into any situation and take from it exactly what you want.

Top Tips

  • Incorporate pampering of your physical self into your bedtime routine easily with warm baths, face masks and body scrubs.
  • A new hair style can really boost your confidence, speak to your stylist to find out what would work for you!
  • Reading is one of the easiest ways to start learning a new skill, and can help to relax and distress. Put down your phone and pick up a book even if just for one hour a day!

Once you’ve got self-care on your priority list, you’ll find that you can achieve anything! You’ll also be more capable of helping those around you when you are full of energy and refreshed! Another benefit is that you can easily send out positive vibes when you feel good, which will attract many positive things for you throughout the year! Try it and see the results in 2022!