Holiday Health Boost – Full Body Workout in Just 15 Minutes!

The festive season is in full swing and if you’re like us you’re indulging in ALL the food and drinks and loving them! In addition, sadly many countries have started to increase pandemic restrictions due to the change in weather and access to the gym may be limited, so it’s too easy to start to gain weight and lose fitness. However, all is not lost, we’ve found an awesome full body workout that you can do at home in just 15 minutes with cool couple Juice and Toya! It’s short enough to fit in between Christmas gatherings and you’ll still feel the burn!

Two Levels of Intensity in One Video!

As an extra bonus, there are two levels of intensity in one video! If you’re a gym pro, follow Juice in the high intensity version, if you’re a newbie or getting back into fitness, follow Toya for the lower intensity version. The routine may be small, but it’s certainly mighty, and you’ll feel the benefit making it a worthwhile addition to your routine! If you’ve mastered Toya’s version you can upgrade to Juice intensity or try out some of their other workouts!

15 Minute Full Body Cardio Workout (No Equipment) by Juice and Toya