Healthy 2022 - Setting Your Fitness Goals

The majority of people start the year with all sorts of health and fitness plans, only to give up a few weeks into January! The reason most fitness resolutions fail is because goals set are over ambitious and without a solid plan to get to the end goal. Yet if you set reasonable goals with a great plan in place, it’s much easier to stick to the plan and finally achieve the body you’ve been dreaming of!

Assess Your Fitness

The first thing you need to do is assess what your current fitness level is. It’s impossible that going from an almost completely inactive lifestyle you’ll be running a marathon in a month, but if you are realistic with your current fitness level, you can set targets in stages to achieve your goal. Even if you think you are fit, you’re likely to find areas to improve. When assessing your fitness, consider your aerobic fitness, strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Here you can find a handy guide to assessing your fitness at home.

Decide What You Want to Achieve

Once you figured out what your fitness level is, it’s time to set your goals! The best way to set a target is to use the SMART method:

Specific – being specific about your goals gives you clear targets that are easy to understand.

Measurable – when you have measurable goals, it is easier to keep track of your progress

Attainable – a goal should always be something that is realistically attainable

Relevant- make your goals relevant to you, as your capabilities are unique and so are your interests

Timely – set a timeline to complete your goal to help keep you motivated

Make a Plan

Once you’ve assessed your fitness and set your goals, you need to make a plan. You can use any tools to plan your goals, such as calendars or vision boards, but writing your plan down and having it in a visible place will help keep you on track. You can also get together with friends or family who have similar plans so you can work together and stay motivated.

Have Fun!

The most important rule when setting your fitness goals for 2022, is to have fun along the way! You’re far more likely to succeed when you enjoy something, so do something that you know you’ll enjoy! Then at the end of the journey when you’re celebrating your achievements, you will be ready and happy to set a new challenge because you know how much you enjoy the whole experience! Good luck!