Get Ready for Winter with an Autumn Energy Boost!


The dark nights are quickly drawing in, and with the lack of sunlight we can easily suffer from lack of energy and motivation. Sadly our workloads don’t decrease during this time of year, so we have to cope with this energy drop in other ways. Thankfully, it’s easy to naturally boost our energy this autumn just in time for winter:

Prepare Your Immune System

As we approach cold and flu season, and after being isolated for so long thanks to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to give our immune systems a boost! Thankfully some simple vitamins can make a huge difference in preparing your immune system for those winter bugs:

Vitamin C: A vital antioxidant important for fighting infections. It also protects our bodies from damage and helps us absorb other nutrients such as iron, which also helps us keep fatigue at bay.

Zinc: Another antioxidant which controls how your body absorbs other minerals, combination Vitamin C and Zinc can help you easily obtain a good level of this vital mineral

Vitamin D: The sunshine vitamin is vital as we stay indoors away from nasty weather. Our bodies manufacture this vitamin when we are exposed to the sun, but during winter its possible not to see sunshine at all, therefore a supplement is required. Vitamin D helps control inflammation and supports the cells that fight infection.

Wrap Up Warm

Simply keeping warm can take a lot of energy when it’s cold outside, so make sure to wrap up warm. Layers are best as you can adjust your clothing throughout the day to maintain a comfortable level of warmth, especially if moving from indoors to outdoors frequently. Instead of making your body work to warm up after cold drinks, switch to hot drinks where possible to keep warm from the inside. Caffeine free drinks such as fruit, chamomile, or ginger are perfect. Clear broths will not only help you maintain our liquid intake, but offer additional vitamins also!

Eat Seasonally

Although we live in a world where we can get any produce from anywhere in the world at any time, sometimes going back to basics and listening to nature can be better for our health! Nature is fantastic at offering us seasonal produce offering the right vitamins at the right time, with the best flavors. Instead of seeking exotic fruits and salads, switch to root vegetables, apples and pears for tasty and nutrient packed meals! Stick to whole grains and slow release energy from foods like oat porridge, and eggs to keep you going throughout the day.

Take Time to Rest and Relax

Many mammals like to hibernate during the winter due to lack of resources, although humans don’t have this problem, winter time definitely does make us feel extra sleepy! Stress can lower our immune system so it’s super important to stay calm at this time of year. After a hard day at work or looking after the family, take time to wrap up warm, make a hot drink, take your favorite blanket and doze on the sofa! Alternatively, use the time where outdoor activities are scarce to enjoy some Yoga to relax mind, body and soul.

Now that you’re armed with these energy boosting tips, you’ll get through to spring healthy and relaxed ready to get outside again!