We Need a Road Trip, and So Do You!

If you’re still not sure about going on vacation right now then we have the perfect alternative! Explore your country and enjoy time with family or close friends on a road trip! Once upon a time, taking a road trip was a regular ritual for many, but with cheap airfares and all inclusive package holidays, the road trip became less popular. Now, since we’ve seen borders close and so much uncertainty with travel plans, road trips are increasingly attractive for their proximity to home and safety. Here are our top reasons why you should take a road trip this summer:

Social Distancing

Even if you’re fully vaccinated against COVID, new variants mean that social distancing is an extra precaution worth taking. Traveling in your own car with a trusted group avoids crowded airports or planes, and allows you to stay well clear of others to reduce the risk of becoming ill.

Take your Favorite Things

The only limit to your baggage is the size of your trunk, so all of your favorite clothes, shoes, and accessories can go with you! Now if that’s not a great reason to take a road trip then we don’t know what is!

Pit Stops

Found a cool looking restaurant and feeling hungry? Take a pit stop! Running with your own schedule means you can stop and rest whenever you want, for as long as you want! Whenever you feel like a snack, or want to stay in a place for a little longer, your time is your own to do with as you please!

Spontaneous and Flexible

With so much uncertainty around travel plans this last year, then anything that is flexible gets the thumbs up from us! Since all you need is a map and a full tank of fuel to start your adventure, then a road trip is the perfect solution which is almost guaranteed to come together, even at short notice!

Set your Own Soundtrack

It’s proven that music has the power to bring back memories, so remember your amazing road trip always with your favorite songs! Whether you want to roll with something contemporary and modern, classic, rock or retro, you’ll find a favorite tune that will bring the good times back every time you listen!

Bonding Time

After being separated from the ones we love for what seems like forever, we’re all about finding time for some extra bonding to make up for it. Traveling for days together is the perfect way to bond with those we love most. As you explore new places, take on new challenges and experience new things, you’ll learn a lot about each other along the way!


There’s nothing more carefree than driving with no destination, and going where the wind takes you. Even if you have a general idea in mind of places you’d like to visit, don’t be afraid to explore off the beaten track, you never know what amazing things you can find!

Recharge your Batteries

After being stuck indoors for so long, just having time to explore the outdoors is enough to recharge even the most depleted of batteries! You’ll learn new skills and find new places that will give you the opportunity for some self-reflection. You’ll return from your road trip ready to take on the world again, and probably already planning the next one!