Mykonos Hot Spots Summer 2021

We love Greek culture and we’re off to another of our favorite Greek islands, Mykonos! This gorgeous island is a well-known party island, and its nickname “Island of the Winds” is due to the strong winds that blow there. We’ve visited to check out the hottest spots, so you can plan your trip to include the best places to be this summer:

Mykonos Old Town

The town or “Chora” as it’s known by the locals is the capital of Mykonos and the largest town on the island. The town is everything you would expect from a postcard with its white washed buildings and meandering streets. The town wakes up around 10.30am with locals putting out their items for sale adding to the splashes of color of the windows and doors.

Mykonos Windmills

Built in the 16th century, the windmills were an important part of Mykonos life as thye ground grain for food and export. The Kato Miloi or lower windmills are a group of five windmills overlooking Little Venice, and a popular spot for pictures. If you want to explore the inside, then you’ll need to head to the Bonis windmill during the afternoons from july to September. It’s a climb up the hill from the old port, but well worth a visit!

180 Degree Sunset Bar

Catch a magical sunset at this gorgeous outdoor venue, as you sip cocktails featuring wildflowers and fresh fruits and enjoy delicacies such as Prime Rub Crostini or fresh Scallops. This is the place to be if you love to take in stunning views in a cool, chic atompshere!

Fokos Taverna Restaurant

If you’re looking for genuine Greek cuisine, then head on over to Fokos beach on the north of the island to Fokos Taverna. Ingredients are fresh and seasonal, and cooked with care like in any Greek home where food is at the heart of the home. You can enjoy freshly caught fish barbecued by the tavern’s grill master, while you sip Greek wine overlooking gorgeous blue waters.

Restaurant Kastros

Located in Little Venice, Kastros is the place to be to enjoy laid back drinks and great conversation as you savor your evening meal watching the sunset. You’ll catch gorgeous views of the windmills and if you’re lucky sit at the last table in the famous alley! Food and service is exceptional with traditional Greek dishes featuring fresh seafood the focus of the menu.

Alefkandra: Little Venice

With balconies hanging over the sea, the area gets its name from its similarity to the real Venice! Just like in Venice, you can spend time enjoying the many restaurants and bars while soaking in the atmosphere. Built in the 18th century, the homes belonged to rich merchants, who were suspected to be pirates thanks to basement doors built to give direct access to the sea.

Kalafatis Beach

Popular with windsurfers and families, Kalafatis beach is a short bus ride away from Mykonos Old Town and a welcome break from the busy tourist spots. The sea is crystal clear and perfect for swimming, and you can enjoy plenty of waters sports such as jet skiing, snorkeling or wake boarding. You can rent a sun bed, to watch the windsurfers who come to enjoy the offshore breeze!

We hope you enjoy Mykonos as much as we do! Head over to our Resort 21 Collection to add some beautiful resort wear to your suitcase for your journey!