Cool Destinations Open to Tourists 2021

As we tentatively resume our lives after pandemic we are thinking about doing more of the things we love. One of our favorite things to do is travel! Exploring other countries and cultures provides us with inspiration, opens our minds to other ways of thinking, and expands our horizons! Thanks to global vaccination against COVID 19, some of our favorite destinations are open for travelers and we can’t wait to visit them!

Let’s see our top destinations for 2021:


The Caribbean relies heavily on tourism, so it makes sense that they would do everything possible to reopen to travelers as soon as safely possible. Thanks to strict health and safety protocols the Caribbean region have been able to provide vacations to travelers safely. The white sandy beaches and turquoise oceans of Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, Mexico and the British Virgin Islands are waiting!


For those that prefer to travel a little closer to home, some of Europe’s favorite destinations have reopened! Greece, Montenegro, Malta, and Portugal (including the islands) are just some of the countries accepting visitors with vaccinations or negative COVID tests. These destinations provide a perfect travel ice breaker as for fellow Europeans, you’ll be able to travel privately by car if you’re adventurous enough for a road trip!

Middle East

The United Arab Emirates and Egypt are open for tourists thanks to their strict protocols during the pandemic. We absolutely love these destinations as the heady mix of exotic spices, shimmering gold and the dry desert heat really take us out of our everyday lives! Fantastic for retail therapy and exploring new flavors as the cuisine is incredible!


Thailand, Maldives, Hong Kong and Singapore are some of the only Asian countries open for travel, which definitely gives us a good start to our travels this year! We always feel welcome and love exploring little villages and taking in the amazing scenery in the region! Asian culture goes back centuries and the history is amazing to discover. We definitely recommend a visit at least once in a lifetime!

As the pandemic is still with us, please remember to check your government guidelines before booking your travel. Guidelines are subject to change at any time. We also recommend consulting entry requirements of your chosen destination to ensure hassle free travel to your favorite destination!