Become a Packing Pro – The Ultimate Guide to Packing!


As we head off for a summer break, no matter if we’re staying close to home or further afield, we’ll need to do some packing! It can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned travelers, especially if you’re packing for the whole family!

If the thought of dusting off your suitcase fills you with dread, worry not! Our Ultimate guide to packing will make the task a breeze, so you can get straight in the holiday mood!

Make a List

It’s super easy to over pack, so discipline yourself with a list! Write down everything you think you need based on time away, destination, and planned activities. Once you’ve got everything down –CUT THAT LIST IN HALF! Narrow down your list to essential items that you’re sure you’ll use, and that are multi-purpose, and save those precious kilos for souvenirs!

Keep it Versatile!

Do you really need to take a dress for every evening which will take up lots of space, or can you pack two or three essential items with accessories to create a new look for every day? Key pieces will make your packing easier! Let’s be honest, complete strangers who also have limited packing space certainly won’t be checking to see if you’ve worn the same thing twice! So rock your favorite pieces with pride, and you’ll have more room for other essential items!

Roll - or Even Better, Vacuum Pack!

Traditional folding takes up a lot of precious space which can be easily gained back by rolling your items! You’ll be surprised how much more you can fit in your case using this method, but don’t get carried away and remember to keep an eye on the weight! As well as benefitting from extra capacity, you’ll avoid deep creases from regular folds! If you’re feeling fancy, invest in some vacuum bags and be amazed how small things can really get!

Layer for Travel

You can gain some extra items if you layer well for your journey! Doubling up on vests, layering with a cardigan and wearing any extra accessories like a hat and silk scarf is easy and comfortable! You’ll be able to wash any items that need it at your destination, and you’ll be prepared for the climate during the whole journey, especially when traveling from a cold to hot destinations!

Pack Important Items in Your Carry On

Keep your important items close at all times, passports, electronics and jewelry should always be stored in your carry on to prevent damage and potential theft! For extra peace of mind, a spare and versatile outfit, bikini and flip flops in case the worst happens and your luggage is lost!

Now you’re packed and ready to go! Let the vacation countdown begin!