Sustainable Fashion, One Collection at a Time

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends can be exhausting and expensive! We love staying on top of what’s hot, but we must try to balance this with reducing the impact of our love of fashion on the environment and our bank balances!

For this reason, we produce small exclusive collections in order to contribute to sustainable development. We encourage people to buy less and only buy products with a long lifespan. Our collections consist of high quality items only. LèMert designs for longevity! Our collection is created to be:

Eco and Community Friendly

We work with local communities in the destinations our collections represent to offer opportunity for growth and development. By keeping our collections focused and small, we are able to work closely with the women that inspire them. Also by offering limited collections we reduce not only our environmental impact, but we’re able to produce pieces with longevity in mind, which helps you to achieve your eco goals also!


No matter when you need to look amazing, a LèMert piece is there for you! Our collection is versatile by design, ensuring you have everything you need no matter what the occasion. We all have our favorite items that we rely on time after time, we’d love you to make a LèMert garment as one of yours!

Durable Quality

Our busy lives are hard on our bodies, minds, and our clothes! While fast fashion may seem like a great deal, usually it doesn’t take long for the threads to come loose! Our garments are made to last, with high quality materials, meaning you can rely on our collection wash after wash! This is not only great news for the environment, but also great news for your bank account!


The LèMert collection is made to be fashionable today and in the future! Our designers work hard researching trends past and present to create timeless classics for your wardrobe. Some styles never go out of fashion, so we take inspiration from the most loved trends across the world and add the unique touch of our designers and the cultures we represent.

Feel great, look amazing, wear LèMert with pride whenever and however you want. Shop the collection now.