Style Your Mood – Clothing as Therapy

Everyone has their own unique style depending on personality, likes and dislikes. Did you know that clothing can also affect your mood and mindset? As we look at images of fashion we feel different emotions depending on the style of the look, and different brands market themselves for different lifestyles and occasions. As you shop for new items, you’ll find yourself drawn to different pieces because of how you feel when you look at the style or brand. Being conscious of how clothing can make you feel opens the door to selecting clothing to directly influence your mood.

Influence Yourself

Choosing what to wear can be the most important decision you’ll make in the day. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and how do you want to feel. Do you want to feel confident? Pick something sharply tailored. Relaxed and creative? Try jeans and a blouse or sweater. Active and fit? Leggings and a sports bra/vest combo. Choosing the right outfit can directly impact how you approach the day, so try to dress according to the situation and note how you felt, and the results of the day to see for yourself.

Influence Others

Even if we try not to judge a person, it is in our nature to assess people when first meeting them. Your greeting, posture and clothes can all influence how others will see you. Sometimes there is not much time to make a positive impression for example, in a job interview, so you need to dress the part to try and swing the interviewer in your favor, you shouldn’t attend an interview in jeans and a sweater, you should instead choose a smart dress or trouser suit. When shopping try to find clothes that fit you well, a great piece for you doesn’t have to be designer, any brand can look amazing when it works well with your body type.

Color Your Mood

The color of your clothing is just as important as the style and cut. The psychology of color is well known and used by brands globally when marketing products. Use color to your advantage to help manifest the mood you want in the day, and to influence those around you:

  • Black represents power and professionalism
  • Green represents healing and hope
  • Yellow represents happiness and optimism
  • Red represents passion, confidence and intensity
  • Blue represents loyalty, tranquility and stability

Style for Positive Vibes

When you look good, you feel good. There’s nothing more satisfying than a successful shopping trip and the positive feeling when you arrive home with your new purchases. You can recreate this feeling every time you dress by organizing your wardrobe with some key pieces that invoke feelings of positivity and success. Experiment with different styles to find what works for you, and feel your confidence and mood improve once you’ve found the right clothes that reflect exactly who you are.