Shapewear Secrets to a Stunning Silhouette

For centuries women have been using clothing to create the illusion of the perfect silhouette, with corsets offering a slimmer waist and hourglass figure. Today, fuelled by celebrity endorsement, shapewear is worn with pride and offers many benefits in addition to the standard figure enhancement.

Benefits of Different Shapewear

  • Reducing Cellulite – Anti Cellulite shapewear offers improved lymphatic flow to assist blood flow and improve cellulite. Some even offer massaging technology to help flush out fat cells
  • Improving Fit and Comfort of Clothes – Confidence in our clothing can make or break an important meeting a special event. Lucky for us, we have our shapewear when we need a little help to iron out those lumps and bumps and achieve the perfect fit in our favorite outfit!
  • Improving Posture and Abdominal Muscles – A benefit that we don’t always hear about, shapewear can do wonders for our posture and abdominal muscles, by providing additional support to the abdomen and lower back. Since we spend so much time at our desks any assistance to our lower back and lumbar region is really useful. After pregnancy, shapewear can do wonders to reset our posture and strengthen our abdominal muscles.
  • Assisting Weight Loss – Leggings and bodysuits are available to assist us with our workouts by encouraging better circulation, compression to eliminate toxins, an encouraging sweating. Combines with a healthy diet and exercise regime, we can achieve our weight loss goals quicker with the assistance of shapewear.

LèMert Loves


Founded by Betsie Larkin, Honeylove was created when she found it difficult to find shapewear that didn’t roll, or squeeze in the wrong places! Her first product became a viral success and now Honeylove offers a huge range of shapewear from familiar sculptwear to tops, leggings and bodysuits. Honeylove is committed to reducing packaging waste and creating long lasting garments to avoid adding to landfill.

Honeylove Superpower Thong 

Honeylove Queen Brief