Hottest Hat Trends this Summer 2021 – Wear it Your Way!

As we finally step out for summer after a long winter of lockdown, we have the perfect opportunity to show off the online purchases that have kept us sane during these crazy times! As we’ve been stuck indoors more than usual we’re going to need to be sure to protect ourselves from the sun as our skin acclimatizes to the outdoors again. What better way to enjoy the shade than with a signature hat!

A hat is one of our favorite accessories. Super versatile and customizable to represent our unique style! So what are the hottest hat trends to watch out for this year? Check out our guide to hats this Summer 2021 season:


Super cute and adding a playful twist to your look, the bucket hat is a must have this season! There are so many options with gorgeous patterns, bold colors and signature logos! Keep your hair loose and flowy underneath and add cute shades for a style reminiscent of summers past!

Bucket Hat


The go to disguise for the quick trip to the supermarket for emergency milk and bread bounces in this season as one of the hottest trends! Enhance your casual brunch with a signature cap to add color and attitude. The reason we love this trend? We don’t need to worry about our hair!

trucker hat


Nothing screams summer more than a straw hat! This timeless classic is should be in your Summer staples wardrobe always! Think long skirts and crop tops as you picnic in green fields surrounded by butterflies and fragrant flowers. We can imagine the smell of the summer air the second we put this gorgeous hat on our heads!


Bold, sexy, and the perfect accessory to a sultry swimsuit, expect your beach hat as standard luggage for your vacation. We love a supersize Jacquemus style hat which provides awesome shade from the heat of the day, while directing attention to our awesome beach bodies!

jacquemus style giant hat

Whatever your style, you’ll be sure to find a hat that suits you this season! We hope that our guide has given you some inspiration and that you enjoy an amazing Summer!