Cool in Cotton – Why Our Favorite Fabric is a Must Have this Summer!

As we swelter in the summer heat, we’re looking for lightweight clothes to help us stay cool. No matter what the style, the best fabric for summer is definitely cotton! This natural material is made from the cotton plant, is suitable for both men and women, and is available in a variety of textures and weaves.


Cotton easily wicks away sweat from your skin to help keep you cool. Add to this its super-fast drying properties and say goodbye to embarrassing wet patches during the sticky summer heat!


Suitable in dry and humid climates thanks to its breathability. Cotton has been used for centuries in countries all over the world for good reason. Even on the hottest days, you’ll feel cool and comfortable in this gorgeous fabric.


Not matter what life throws at you, your cotton clothes will last. We love clothes that can really work with us, and cotton is an exceptionally durable fabric. We love that when we buy something in cotton, we can guarantee that it will be a purchase that sticks around!

Easy to Wash

Cotton can be washed time and again and doesn’t require special care. It is also easy to work with for tailors and seamstresses, so if you need adjustments to your favorite piece, it can be done without too much hassle!


Exceptionally soft, just what you need on a hot summers day! Its softness alone is one of the reasons it is perfect for sensitive skin and the fabric of choice for babies. Its softness also helps in the heat as it makes the fabric light to wear which is exactly what we need!


Even the most sensitive allergy sufferers will be able to wear pure cotton clothing thanks to its anti-allergenic properties!

Fast Drying

Need something to wear in a pinch? Grab your favorite cotton piece from the wash, it will be dry in no time! Ideal on hot sunny days where you can hang your clothes from the line, with the added benefit of a smell so good that it is a much loved home scent all on its own!

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