Brilliant Bags – This Season’s Hottest Bag Trends

One of the most important accessories, and one we can’t leave home without is our bag! Keeper of our secrets, holder of our whole lives, and saver of emergency situations that we never knew we would have, yet our bag contains exactly what we need! Lucky for us this season has some amazing trends to make our must have accessory even more awesome:

Vintage Y2K Style

Looking back at the mid 90’s to 2000’s we remember fondly all the bags we loved and lost. We’re pleased to hear that this season all of our favorites are back with a vengeance, we hope they never go away!

Teardrop Shaped Shoulder

Thanks to the teardrop shape of the space made by the strap, this shoulder bag is super comfortable to wear. Available in all manner of styles, this is a must have for both beauty and practicality.

Super Tiny

If you’re using your bag as a statement piece, look no further than the super tiny. Go all out with a designer piece that represents your vibe.

Chunky Chain Straps

Chunky chains in bright colors add a playful pop to your favorite bag. Look out for this touch on the strap which will also keep you on trend.

Fisherman’s Net

The original and best shopping bag is a must have this season. Find them in all materials including traditional net, rope, fabric and leather.


Boho and beautiful, we love fringe bags. Fun and free spirited, just like us, we’re all for sassing up our style with these gorgeous bags.

Vegan Leather Tote

Go eco with a vegan leather tote! Designers have gone all out to make sure that we have the option to help save the planet with materials and designs to rival our usual leather.

We’re so happy to see that some of our favorite styles are in this season, plus some new ideas that we never knew we needed! Time to shop!