Working Hard, Inspiration from the Working Women of the Dominican Republic

Women in the Dominican Republic are an inspiration to everyone that meets them. Loud, proud and extremely hard working, they ooze confidence and stand their ground. The LèMert team spend a lot of time observing the culture of the destination that has been chosen for our collections. The more time we spent with the women of the Dominican Republic, it became clear that we had to design something that represents their personality.

The Perfect Canvas

Choosing a fabric is one of the most important steps in the design process. To represent Dominican women we needed something that was:

Resilient Women in the Dominican Republic are made to survive. They are strong, and can deal with any crisis. The sense of community is huge, giving them the power to achieve anything.

Practical No matter what you want to achieve, the Dominican woman by your side will help you get there. Generations of lessons passed from mother to daughter give them a wealth of knowledge that can be used to resolve any problem.

Sexy Dominican women have amazing figures, with beautiful curves. They take great pride in their appearance with perfectly styled hair and elaborate manicures.

Comfortable Dominican mothers represent the ultimate comfort to their family. Warm and welcoming, always with a hot meal ready and plenty of advice for life’s events. They are the heart of every home.

Desirable The women of the Dominican Republic are sure to turn heads. Their infectious positivity, conscientious attitudes and warmth of spirit makes them amazing friends and romantic partners. Everyone wants to be them, and be with them.

All of these attributes together made denim the perfect material to represent these amazing people. Strong, practical, comfortable and beautiful, a perfectly cut jean can make any woman feel incredible.

Made in the Dominican Republic

To honor the women our pieces represent, and to give back to the community, it was important to us to source our fabric from the island. We use Dominican produced denim in our collection, working in collaboration with some of the finest Dominican weavers. The resulting fabric is soft, durable and flattering for any body shape.

Wear it With Pride

LèMert’s denim collection is made to be worn with pride. Bold cuts and statement details work together to present the best of you. Tough enough to work in any situation, yet feminine and light for the ultimate in comfort.

Be inspired. Be empowered. Live life Dominican style.