Let’s start a revolution in a t-shirt

Human t-shirt

Our own Human t-shirt is a symbol of unity and kindness, two qualities we believe are very important in this world. We want to show the beauty of diversity in our collections and spread the love. With your help, we can make a change and start a revolution in a t-shirt!   

The LèMert centerpiece

Our Human tee is the most casual, yet important piece in our Resort ‘19 collection. Made from a lightweight cotton jersey it can be worn with anything, which makes it a great addition to your travel wardrobe.

A deeper meaning

But our tee has a message too. Think about it: what does it mean to be human?

Different is beautiful

Our t-shirt is inspired by the warmth and the kindness of the Dominican people we encountered in the Dominican Republic. But there is more.

There are currently 7.6 billion people on this world. Born under different circumstances, in different families, with different cultures and personalities. There are so many factors that make a human, that it’s easy to just see differences between people. Not only do we believe in the beauty of diversity, but we also think that there is something that connects us all. There is love and kindness in everyone, and we want to express it!

A true connection

How do we make a positive change with a t-shirt? Well, that’s where we need your help! We’d love to use our human tee to connect people from all over the world. Let’s start a revolution in a t-shirt! 


We want to form a connection with just one of our Human shirts. Wear it, take a picture and pass on the t-shirt. Don’t forget to post the picture on Insta and tag us (@lemertofficial) so we can see each and every one of you shine in our shirt! Give it to any person you want, and let’s try to let our tee travel all over the world. Who knows where it will end up! In this way, our t-shirt will form a connection between all of us.

Share the message and join the movement! Want to participate? Let us know @lemertofficial!