Our top 5 of the boldest Joya bralette top looks

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest top of ‘em all? The answer is definitely our Joya bralette top! The top is ruffled at the hemline and the edge of the straps, which creates that fun dynamic butterfly on the shoulder. Then, there’s a bow on the front for extra volume. A statement piece, our Joya bralette top, and easy to pair for a mix and match of different looks. Here are our favorites.


Joya bralette top + track pants


We’re all about that sports trend right now – casual, comfy and cool, the 3 c’s. Yet, this look can even be chic when you pair it with the right item. We’d like to nominate our Joya bralette top! Pick a nice pair of track pants with press-stud sides, so you can open up the look when you’re feeling fun. Match them with our Joya in cool color yellow. Very 2018.


Joya bralette top + wavy maxi skirt

For a bit of a more beachy look, try pairing our cute Joya bralette with a long, wavy skirt. This is such an easygoing but flowy style, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in a second. Choose a good cotton maxi skirt for comfort or go completely out there with a skirt with a huge split, or ruffles, or tule! Depending on the print of your skirt, choose either our white Joya or our LèMert signature print Joya and color up the streets!


Joya bralette top + cropped jeans


We don’t need to explain the effect of jeans. This look is SEXY. Our fun and flirty Joya with a tight pair of high waisted cropped jeans? Oo la la.. very Dominican. Choose our yellow or signature print Joya and wear your look with a good pair of heels. Cropped jeans really show off that ankle to make your audience swoon. Instead of tight, you could also go for a more flared seventies feel! Ready for a night out? Ready for the world!


Joya bralette top + statement earrings


The Joya was created with an effect of volume and movement in mind, like the vibrant communities of the Dominican Republic and the tiny hummingbird. It’s exactly what a pair of statement earrings does – create fun dynamics and a hint of glitter whenever you walk past someone! Go big and tassly or go home! Any Joya color would be a great match.


Joya bralette top + high waisted bikini bottoms


This is a look for those bold ladies who go to the beach to be seen. You’re not there for swimming, you’re there to flaunt! We’d recommend you pair your Joya bralette top with a big sunhat, and a cool pair of high waisted bikini bottoms. You’re almost in a bit of a beachy playsuit now. For a wild look, we say pair that top with bikini bottoms in a completely different print. Going for a bit more subtlety? Wear a pair of chic high-cuts with your top. Cat-eye sunglasses on, (invisible) sunscreen on, a bit of glimmery bronze and GO!



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