Not just another fashion brand

Why start a new high-end fashion brand in a world with fashion brands in abundance? We took the plunge and started our own brand.

LèMert stands for self-expression, and translates a passion for fashion, travel and cultures into a dynamic and unique range. What exactly is the story behind our brand, and what makes it so special? Read and find out!

Imagine walking through your local high street, in search of a pair of pretty, comfortable but stylish pants. Maybe you need some to feel confident in at work, or perhaps there’s a birthday party this weekend you want to look nice for? The same stores pop up that you’ve known for ages, because you grew up with them. Shopping for a pair of pants at these stores might seem easy, because you know who sells what, and it’s cheap. It sounds wonderful on paper, but the truth is that you’re one of the thousands walking around in the same pants. And once it’s in your closet, and you’ve washed them a couple of times, you might not be as happy with them as you once were.  

Fashion brand with a mission

Clothes have somehow become a commodity. Something you buy fast and throw away just as fast. This is exactly what we felt when we started LèMert. We want to bring back the soul and spirit of clothes and create pieces that stand for self-expression and confidence. Welcome to our world!

The world from our perspective

There’s nothing that excites us more than the fact that seeing new places and learning about different cultures has become so accessible. We’re love the distinguishable features of people and cultures, the new smells and colorful sights that we experience during travelling. This is what makes the world interesting!

Clothes always have been the easiest way for people to express themselves. It’s the first thing you see when someone walks into a room, and it can speak for you even if you haven’t said a word. That’s what we aim to do at LèMert.

Not only do we stand for good quality clothing, but we also see the importance of self-expression. Mixing these two factors, you get beautiful clothing that shows who you are and how you see the world.

We design, create and work locally

Although our ambition is the size of the universe, we work with local artists, models, and designers. We are a dynamic, Caribbean brand that designs ranges ideal for global adventures and relaxed beach living, and we want to feel and show off our roots. This way, what we take from our culture in inspiration, we give back in a local designed clothing range that breathes its true spirit in every process.

Come along this journey with us

Just like us, everyone has their own story. As we continuously want to learn, we’d love for you to share your story, passions and dreams with us!

Let us know what you think of our first Resort 19 collection Baile de Colores, and tell us in which piece you see yourself travelling, and why. Tag us @lemertofficial.