Going Out Jumpsuits Will Never Going Out of Style!

going out jumpsuits

The jumpsuit can live without it. Right? Well, you maybe won’t remember it, but up until a few years ago, this wonderful invention was just one of those crazy 80’s wardrobe pieces you wouldn’t dare to wear at work or a party (unless it was 80’s themed). It only just got back in style, and we’re jumping for joy. But where does the jumpsuit come from, and why is it such a great, timeless piece? Read and find out!

Where jumpsuit dress up come from?

Just like Doc Martens and Levi Jeans, the Going Out Jumpsuits are ones of those fashion items created for working, practical comfort and rights reserved. Invented by Italian artist and designer Thayat in 1919, when were jumpsuits in fashion was literally made for ‘jumping’, worn by parachuters and skydivers, but also race car drivers, aviators, and astronauts. The practicality of having one, comfy suit you could move in proved to be a great advantage. Pilot Charles Lindberg even completed the first transnational flight ever in his wide leg jumpsuit!

The women take over

Just like ruffles (as you could read in our article), women were quick to take over and started adding the culotte jumpsuit to their fashion repertoire at any price low to high during those times. In the 1930s, revolutionary designer Elsa Schiaparelli created a controversial and daring are tropical jumpsuit in style for her fashion show. She even added a matching gas mask, velvet turban, and flask, as a homage to the original usage of this clothing piece. And of course to show that the culotte jumpsuit may be practical, but still new arrivals, very fashionable and best sellers at the lower price high that times.

Are jumpsuits in style starts in Hollywood?

From then on, the jumpsuit was everywhere: from Hollywood sets (Katherine Hepburn wore it in her 1937 film Stage Door), to politics (American sportswear designer Vera Maxwell designed a jumpsuit worn by millions of riveting Rosies, you know, the women that worked in World War II and were portrayed as the woman with red headband on the ‘You Can Do It’ posters we all know). Countless fashion houses designed wide leg jumpsuits and coats jackets, that were worn by models, pop stars (Madonna, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls and offers as a maxi dresses even with student discount and free shipping), and the everyday, modern woman and was best sellers. The jumpsuit with heels became an iconic piece not only in fashion but also as a strong feminine, cultural reference.

Why tropical jumpsuit in fashion will never go out of style?

While a few years back jumpsuits with short sleeve were mostly worn on TV and at ‘back to the 80’s’ parties, it slowly made its comeback into high street stores and our hearts with tropical print. Because think about it. They’re comfy and you can move in them, but they look sexy, strong and sporty, depending on how you style them. You can wear them on a holiday, at work, at a party, or just a day at the beach. That’s why we love them!

Why you should get a jumpsuit

Romper vs Jumpsuit? You should know by now, but we’ll explain. Jumpsuits are a must of any girl who leads a busy life but still wants to look fashionable. They’re easy and comfortable, and you can style them differently depending on the time of the day, the occasion and your accessories or if you have jumpsuit rompers. And okay we have to mention this because that’s what everyone thinks: the only downside is that time when you need to go to the toilet and take the top part off. Luckily, no one but you will notice.

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