What really went on behind the scenes of our resort 21 photoshoot

Group picture of the crew working in the village Juanillo in the Dominican Republic, where they the Baile de Colores resort wear 19 campaign

Our Resort 21 campaign was shot in the Dominican Republic. But what was it really like to make our ideas come to life on the island?

The Dominican Republic is mentioned plenty of times on our website as our inspiration for our resort 21 collection Baile de Los colores. It was the starting point of our creative senses. The island, the people, and the colors. That is why we started on this journey to capture the true essence of the culture.


Where to start?

Finding a Dominican crew with models was crucial since we believe in working with the people of the country we are inspired by.

Luckily for us the Dominican Republic has a lot of talented creatives. One of them, photographer Yael understood the aim of our photo shoot and latched on enthusiastically. Dominican Models Anna and Ross were equally ecstatic to participate in our project.  Make up artist Viola and hairstylists Lejandro, Dominicans at heart, joined our lively crew.


Beach and palm trees

Yes, we know, that when one thinks of the Dominican Republic, the beach, sunshine, and palm trees are mentioned. And what did we do? We went straight to the beach! In all fairness, Macao beach is not your typical beach. On the contrary. It is the meeting point for Dominicans on Sunday to spent time with their families enjoying the last day of the weekend in good company. Showing the beautiful Macao from another side was our aim.

And that is what we did. In two cars loaded with equipment, iron board, clothes, and accessories we drove off to Macao. In no way would we have imagined the shoot to turn out like it did. Working under the tingling sensation of the sunrays on our skin, we warmed up to the beach vibe. Eating fresh fish with our crew on a pick nick table in a surf camp between takes, got our bellies filled and our minds fueled with new ideas. All of this, while surf dog Jack Alvarez guarded the premises.

When we wanted to have a horse in the shoot. Lovely Pablo who owns horses in the area, was glad to help spontaneously. Just an example of the warmth of the people on the island, that also inspired our human t-shirt.

Without blinking or moving Pablo´s horses stood perfectly still in the sea with the mountain of Macao in the background.


Juanillo village

But the real demonstration of kindness came on our second shooting day when 50 percent of the people living in the village of Juanillo wanted to participate in our campaign.  The main street filled with green, yellow, pink, and blue houses served as the backdrop for the photos taken in the small pueblo.

During the whole shooting day, people kindly helped us. First one lady looked suspiciously out of her window. Then a 10-year-old girl by the name of Jessica, approached us to ask what we were doing. From there on news travelled through the village and people started coming out of their houses to see what went on.

“No place to change? We will open the school for you, so you are able to use the principals´ office. Want to shoot in a house? Come to my house you can use it as a set! You want a model in your picture. I can pose?” And so, the day continued.  

Little girls and boys stood straight, placing their hands on their hips, trying to mimic the poses of models Anna and Ross, while keeping a close eye on Yael who sometimes laid on the street trying to get the perfect shot. Went it was time to move on to another spot our entourage followed.

Humbled and inspired by the kindness of the people of the village of Juanillo we ended the day dancing on reggaetón and merengue tunes in front of the barbershop in the village.


The result? A campaign where you see, feel, and almost hear the Dominican Republic!