Be Transported to a Tropical Paradise

A gentle breeze dances in your hair as you walk on soft white sand. The turquoise ocean sparkles as foaming waves gently kiss the shore. The rays of the golden sun gently warm your skin adding a bronze glow. Emerald green palms sway to the rhythm of the waves, and the smell of the salty sea air replenishes your soul with every breath.

Soft fabric caresses your body and delicately enhances your curves. LèMert's signature print transports you to the tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic, a carefree bold woman, with a smouldering latin confidence.

Inspired by Nature

Inspired by tropical beaches, with a sprinkling of Caribbean flair and a unique style, our signature print is as striking as the island. Each color has been expertly matched with the canvas of the Dominican Republic. It represents freedom, courage, determination, spirit, tenacity, and survival, just like Mother Nature.

The natural color palette was chosen to match all skin tones, complementing your natural beauty.

Suitable for all Occasions

Our signature print will shine no matter what the occasion. You’ll turn heads at evening events, feel relaxed and cozy during brunch with the ladies, and radiate confidence by the pool. Dress the print up or down, and like the delicate balance of nature it will work effortlessly to create the look you want. The brilliance of the print is its versatility, making it a timeless fashion piece.

Release your Inner Goddess

Feel like a Caribbean Queen with the world at her feet. You can achieve anything you dream of. You inspire and empower those around you.

You are strong, you are powerful, you are woman. LèMert's signature print is your flag.

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