Baile de Colores, the dance of colors


Our resort 19 collection ´Baile de Colores´ is all about color.

Power green, sensual yellow, light blue denim and not to forget our signature LèMert print.

 It is a dance of colors. The way the different hues move in our signature print, making it to radiate from afar, will have no one go unnoticed.



The bright yellow is inspired by the beaches and the sun that never stops shining and the sensuality of the Dominican women. It also represents happiness and warmth. Power green, the color of life, nature, and energy. Beautiful nature is present everywhere, and the energy can be found in the liveliness of the people.



The light blue denim honors the hard workers in the Dominican Republic. Starting at 7 in the morning and ending their work day at night with a smile, is something to be admired.



Where does the human t-shirt fit into the dance of colors?

The human t-shirt which is the signature resort 19 item for this collection is meant to be worn with pride! It is about unity since we are all human! It also stands for the kindness we encountered in the Dominican Republic.

"In the end we are all human"