Life after Christmas – Repurpose Your Tree

It’s time to take down the decorations after another amazing festive season and if you’re anything like us, you’re a little sad that the tree that was the heart of our celebrations is now bare. Yet there are simple ways to continue to enjoy your tree as part of your home for a little longer with some tips for repurposing after Christmas:

Get Creative

Your tree can be the star of some cool crafting gifts if you have some spare time! Capture the scent of Christmas with cute scent bags made from the needles. All you need is spare fabric and ribbon to put the needles into, you can even add a cinnamon stick for and extra festive scent. If you’re feeling extra crafty, create gorgeous wreaths or flower arrangements with the branches which can then decorate your home throughout January.

Get in the Garden

Encourage birds to your garden by using the branches to create bird feeders by rolling them in fat and seeds to help them get through until spring with these tasty treats. Breaking down the tree into smaller pieces is great for creating mulch or compost for the garden to give extra nutrients to your spring flowers. For bigger trees, the trunks can be cut and used to divide flower beds, if you like you could carve them to make them extra pretty! Finally, if you have roots on your tree, replant it in your garden to use again next year.

Get Social

Look out for opportunities to donate your tree wither to a recycling service or community projects that can use the tree. Alternatively, create a fire pit and enjoy time with friends and family with a fire, the tree will give you one more reason to celebrate as it keeps you warm while you enjoy s’mores and hot chocolate.