LèMert’s Top Christmas Movies – All Time Faves and New Releases!

One of our most loved Christmas traditions is sitting together as a family with fresh pajamas, hot chocolate with ALL the toppings, festive snacks and a Christmas movie! Even though we’ve seen them all hundreds of times, (and could probably recite the whole scripts from heart!) we still get all warm and fuzzy inside when we’re watching. So here’s our list of all time faves with some new material thrown in for you to try (note: availability of streaming is for European services, and may be different according to your location):

Love Actually (Available on Amazon Prime)

The ultimate feel good movie and an absolute must for Christmas, Love Actually follows the stories of eight London couples as they navigate love, life and the festive season. Prepare to laugh, cry and reflect as you enjoy this romantic gem.

Home Alone (Available on Disney + or to Rent on Amazon Prime, Google Play and YouTube)

A Christmas classic as we follow Kevin and his adventures to stop Harry and Marv ransacking the family home. We just know you wish you had the chance to be a kid again, home alone and setting up booby traps just like him!


Dr Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Available on Netflix)

A twist on the traditional, A Christmas Carol, we follow the Grinch as he learns how to use his heart and love Christmas. There's also a lesson for us as Cindy Lou Who teaches us that there's much more to Christmas than the gifts!

The Princess Switch

Based on the novel The Prince and the Pauper, this Netflix exclusive follows Stacey and Lady Margaret Delacourt as they switch places. Follow the fun as the two ladies learn what it's like to live the life of the other.


A festive story of love as we watch Sloane Benson, a young woman from Chicago and Jackson, an Australian golfer, who set up an agreement to be each other's 'Holidates' to stop the family judging Sloane's love life. How will the relationship develop? Watch and find out!

Single all the Way

Peter and Nick are just friends, but Peter's family have suspicions that there's more to this pair than meets the eye. Follow Peter's journey as he explores his relationships to finally find the one.

Gremlins (Available on HBO Max, or to Rent on Google Play and YouTube)

Billy receives the cutest Christmas gift from his father Randall, a mystical creature called a Mogwai who comes with three very strict rules. Will Billy manage to keep up with the responsibility of such a delicate creature? Find out as you enjoy this 80's classic.


The Holiday (Available on Netflix)

Another Christmas romantic comedy that gives us all the feels. With an all star cast of Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black, we enjoy the story of a coincidental home swap and the love that blossoms from this fortunate twist of fate.


The Polar Express (Available on Netflix)

This animated Christmas movie is sure to warm the hearts of big kids and little kids alike. We follow a 12 year old boy who doubts the existence of Santa as he's invited on a very special train journey. Do you believe in Santa? By the end of this movie we're sure you'll believe all over again!


The Holiday Calendar

What if your advent calendar offered more than just chocolate behind each window? Watch this Netflix exclusive to find out just how awesome that could be! Sprinkle in a little romance and it's the perfect Christmas watch!