LèMert Loves - Our favorite Autumn Home Decor

Now we're entering the season of cozy nights at home rather than long evenings out, it's time to add a little extra to our living rooms to add a special touch. Here are our favorite picks for the season:

Add Some Rustic Charm:

We're loving this set of three ceramic vases to add a little rustic charm to our living rooms:

Coffee Table Touch:

Enjoy a sniff around some famous houses with the gorgeous book filled with glorious images of homes that one day we wish we can own:

Slip into Silk:

This luxurious silk pillow case is not only indulgent but also helps us care for our hair and skin. Bonus points for always being nice and cool!


Keep Cozy:

Wrap yourself in the arms of a teddy bear with this cozy warm throw. Perfect for snuggles with your loved ones:

Add the Touch of a Goddess:

These classy and chic candles add a romantic touch inspired by Ancient Greece and Rome as you relax in the calming scent: