Celebrating Women’s Equality Day!

As we celebrate Women’s Equality day we look back on the meaning behind this important celebration and why it is important to us:


Originating in the United States, Women’s equality day is celebrated every year on August 26th in memory of the 1920 Nineteenth Amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibits the denial of the right to vote based on sex at both a state and federal level. On this day, the women of America finally had the right to vote, and were one step closer to being treated equally in society.

Women all over the world have historically had to fight for basic freedoms, and even now in some countries and cultures, girls and women are still denied basic rights that we take for granted such as education. The Women in our history forced fundamental changes in law to set the stage for world where women are treated equally in all aspects of life.

Empowering Women One Collection at a Time

The team at LèMert is committed to empowering women all over the world by seeking out talent from local communities in both the production and promotion of our collections. By offering opportunity, with support, access to additional educational resources if needed, and fair wages, we use our privilege to help women in areas where possibilities for success are more limited than for us.

A long Way to Go

 Although women are taken more seriously and have more opportunity to succeed, there are still times where discrimination is an issue. Every day, we need to work to raise awareness of the issues women face every day which makes life just a little bit more challenging simply due to being female. As we work together to achieve true equality, we have a duty to speak out about the issues women face not only in our countries, but globally.

As we celebrate Women’s equality, we reflect on the struggles of our ancestors to achieve what we have today, and the fight ahead for the rights of women all over the world.