Celebrating the Power of Women on Mother’s Day

No matter which culture we represent, when asked the question who is the strongest person we know, the answer is always our mother. She carried us for nine months, gave birth to us, and made sacrifices for our well-being. She is our warmth, our safety, our friend and confidant. No matter what we go through in life she is there by our side. Celebrating our success, and catching us when we fall.
As the LèMert team travels the world for inspiration for our collection, we witness the one thing that unites us, the incredible connection between mother and child. It transcends borders, economic status, and age. Even as our society evolves, this one connection is unbreakable.
Now more than ever, as the world has been thrown into chaos due to a global pandemic, our mothers are needed to guide us. Yet not only do we need them, they need us. We have an opportunity to give back, to thank them for everything they do, and just be there for them. We must use this opportunity to create magical moments and memories to pass on to our own children.
It starts today. Mother’s Day.
Pick up the phone.
Make that video call.
Meet safely as your location restrictions allow.
Share a story, a memory, a joke and a smile.
Give her the one thing that she values more than any gift,
To all the Mothers of the world, thank you.
Team LèMert