Shampoo Secrets – Avoiding Sulfates and Parabens

As we all strive to reduce our carbon footprint and look for more natural alternatives in our lives, we begin to look at the products we use daily to see exactly what they contain and often the results are shocking!

With so many hair products promising thick, shiny hair, the chemicals inside can actually be doing more harm than good, not only to our hair but also our bodies and the environment. Here we take a look at the common ingredients in shampoos and conditioners and why they should be avoided:


Over 90% of hair care products contain Sulfates as one of the core ingredients. It is responsible for the foaminess of the product, and those lovely thick bubbles as you wash your hair. Yet once you’ve rinsed them out you’re left with a dry scalp, flaking and irritation.  In addition they can cause hormonal disruption, kidney damage and can cause cancer.


Used as a preservative in most popular brands to make your products last longer. Parabens are also known as xenoestrogens and affect your hormonal balance, cause skin irritation, breast cancer, and affect reproductive health.


Nothing sounds good that contains Formaldehyde but watch out for an ingredient called quaternium-15 which is formaldehyde in disguise! A well known carcinogen, it is toxic with prolonged exposure.


Responsible for locking moisture into your hair shaft, it temporarily makes hair appear smooth and lustrous. However after prolonged use it creates build up which will prevent nutrients and moisture from penetrating your cuticle, the result dryness and damage, which is the opposite of what we’re looking for in our products!

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