Merry Manicure - LèMert's Holiday Nail Guide

The season of sparkle is with us again, and time to celebrate with a gorgeous manicure ready for your festive gatherings! Here's our guide to the must have nails for the holiday season 2021:

Deep Red Acrylics

Rock a red that will make Santa proud with some deep red acrylic nails! Nothing says Christmas more than this gorgeous color.

A Touch of Gold

All that sparkles is definately gold with this gorgeous look for your nails! Classy yet festive, and suitable for any occasion!

Brown Abstract Lines

A quirky nail that will last you right through until 2022, add a touch of abstract art to your party look!

Snowflake Nails

Fun and oh so festive, these cute snowflake nails are created using Builder in a Bottle (BIAB Nails) or Builder Gel to perfect the winter wonderland detailing.

Glitter Tip

Dip your tips in glitter for a sparkly touch to your nails that you can wear to the office and be party ready when the meetings are done!

Glitter Nails

For those that need a little extra sparkle, go all out with full glitter BAIB Nails. Christmas comes but once a year, so make the most of it!

LèMert Loves: BIAB Gel Nails

Keep your natural nails looking healthy as you experiment with your festive look with BIAB Nails or Builder in a Bottle or Builder Gel, which is hardened under LED light. Unlike regular acrylics, removing these nails is a breeze with drilling only of the top layers before the rest soaks off easily. They also don't contain any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or camphor. Plus while you're looking all festive up top, your natural nails are free to grow underneath! Try them and see!