Manicure Mania – Nail Inspiration for 2021

Salons are finally back up and running and we are so ready to have our nails pampered by a professional! While our DIY manicures have kept us going, there’s no comparison to the highly skilled and steady hand of our favorite manicurist! Now that summer is round the corner, we’re feeling the call of some seriously sassy nails! Lucky for us, this season has everything we need!

French with a Twist

Our old faithful is back with a colorful twist! Add pastel tips to let the world know your nails are back in business with a color block French manicure!color block French manicure

Abstract Lines and Geometric Shapes

Add color and style to your manicure as you experiment with lines and shapes. Keep the base simple to let your pattern shine!



Add attitude to your usual style with an asymmetric tip. Pastel colors look amazing with this style and just so happen to be the most wanted colors of the season!

Pucci Inspired

High fashion is not just for your outfit! Add Italian fashion house style to your manicure with these gorgeous Emilio Pucci inspired nails! Enjoy mixing and matching colors to suit your style, this trend loves all the colors of the rainbow, the bolder the better!

Pucci inspired nail art

Your manicurist will love being able to flex with these gorgeous looks this season! What are you waiting for?