Luscious Lashes – Top Tips for Applying False Lashes

False lashes are a must for festive party ready eyes, but applying them and making them stay in place can be a nightmare! Lucky for us, some simple tips can help you apply your lashes like a pro for a natural full look that will make your eyes sparkle!

Pick the Right Lashes for Your Eyes

Contrary to popular belief lashes are not a one size fits all affair. Your eye shape can make or break whether you’re fluttering like the wings of a butterfly or embarrassing yourself with a spider on your cheek from your fallen lash!

  • Almond Eyes – All strip eye lash should work well for you
  • Deep Set Eyes – Find lashes that are longer in the centre than the outside edges
  • Downturned Eyes – A shorter lash strip with longer outer corners will lift your eyes
  • Hooded Eyes – A thin strip lash with short length will be great for you!
  • Prominent Eyes – Balance your top lash with a bottom lash to push back your eyes

Remove Your Lashes Correctly

We’ve all been in a hurry and accidentally broken a lash trying to get it out of the packaging, but now is time to stop and take your time!

  • With the lashes still in the tray, hold them to your face with the lashes facing outwards to see which is left and right
  • Peel lashes from the outer edge, not the inner corner! If you damage the outer edge you’ll likely be trimming them anyway
  • Gently take the lashes out of the box with tweezers, then lay them gently back on the box

Trim and Shape

Cut your lashes from the vein and not through the lashes so you don’t lose any of those precious strands, and always trim from the outside edge. To shape your lashes, wrap them round your finger, or makeup brush for a minute or two to make sure they aren’t flat. You’ll then be at less risk of the dreaded pop up!

Glue and Apply

Add a thin layer of glue along the vein of the lash, and allow to dry a little until it feels tacky and sticky. If you need extra staying power, add dots of glue along your lash line also! Carefully apply the lash as you look down from the center and press gently from the middle to the inner corner and outer edge. Use your fingertips or eyelash tweezers to push the lashes and your natural lashes together, and use mascara to help blend them. You can gently push against the inner edges if you want to add more lift!

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Natural Lashes

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