Get your Locks Beach Ready - Beach Hair Inspo!

You're packed and ready for an amazing day at the beach with your favorite people! There's only one last thing to organize, a gorgeous beach hairstyle that will not only look fabulous, but will protect your hair from the salty sea and scorching sun! Take a look at our top beach hairstyles this Summer: 

Mermaid Waves

The original beach inspired style that always looks great for the beach. With its carefree and fun look, these gentle waves will kiss your shoulders like the sea kisses the shore. Use curling irons to create these loose waves for a quick and easy beach style.

Silky Scarf 

Keep those stray hairs at bay by covering your hair with a gorgeous silk scarf. Not only does it offer protection from the sun but you can customise your look with the incredible selection of designs of silk scarf. Check out our Silk Scarf article for more ways to wear this gorgeous accessory!


This versatile style of hair is loved for many occasions. Whether you like french braid, a simple plat or box braids you are guaranteed to have a hairstyle which will look good wherever you go. Braids will give a youthful touch to your beach style, and will keep your hair tamed even for the most energetic beach activities!

Half Up Half Down

This beautiful hairstyle can be styled many different unique ways. You can have it a normal half up half down, you can twist it, you can braid it. The style keeps the stray hairs away from your face, but gives a gorgeous profile to your look. This simple style is popular for many occassions including weddings, so you'll be guaranteed to look great for your beach trip!

High Bun

A day at he beach is guaranteed to get your hair wet and full of sand, keep your locks looking classy and tidy with a gorgeous high bun. There are many different types of high buns including: a normal high bun, french braided bun, ballet bun and a double french braided bun. When having a high bun it is best to use bobby pins, hair spray and dry shampoo to make it stay up right. If you're in a rush and need something quick a high bun will keep your hair out of the way of wind and sea, but still looking amazing!

Wavy Natural

This style is super quick and easy and looks great anytime! Depeding on your hair type, you may be able to easily scrunch your hair while it dries, but for the rest of us, curling irons will do the trick easily! 

We're already planning more beach trips so we can try out each of these gorgeous beach styles! Is your favorite style our list?