Clean and Clear - Keeping Your Makeup Brushes Clean

We invest a lot of money in our makeup and the tools to apply them, but making sure they stay clean and well maintained is something that we sometimes forget due to our busy schedules! Yet while we focus on keeing our skin in tip top condition, if we don't clean our makeup tools, we can undo all of our hard work to keep our skin clean and clear.

Damage from Dirt

As we use our brushes and sponges, they quickly become clogged with product, dirt and oil. As we leave them in warm conditons, they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause blocked pores, blemishes and sometimes even more serious infections such as staph infection or pinkeye. It's not just your skin that can suffer, trapped dirt can also damage the bristles on your brushes, meaning you'll need to replace them more often. You'll also lose that flawless look that you've invested in the best brushes to achieve, as the clogged dirt will leave you with spotty application of your makeup.

How Often Should we Clean? 

Ideally we should be ceaning our brushes weekly, but if you don't have the time, make sure you take time our montly as a minimum. You can freshen up brushes between washes with brush cleansing wipes or even dry shampoo for your brushes! Be sure to discard sponges that start to look tatty and stained as they are easy to replace, beauty blenders can have a longer shelf life of around three to four months as long as you clean and maintain them.

Top Tips for Clean Makeup Tools

Your cleaning routine doesn't have to be difficult, just follow some simple steps to keep your brishes looking like new:

  • Specialised brush cleanser is of course perfect, but if you don't have it to hand baby shampoo will do the job perfectly! For synthetic brushes washing up liquid gets rid of oily product easily.
  • Be careful of the connection between the brush head and handle, as cleaning this area can destroy the glue.
  • Reshape your brushes before laying them out to dry
  • Lie brushes flat on a towel for drying with the bristles hanging over the counter. Simply laying them on the towel will not dry them properly leading to mildew on your bristles.

Now your brushes are clean and fresh, you can simply enjoy applying your favourite products!