Brilliant Bentonite - Must Have Face Masks!

Bentonite is a type of clay formed from volcanic ash contains over 50 minerals and also offers antibacterial effects. It’s perfect for all skin types and contains a negative electron charge which draws out impurities which have a positive electron charge like a magnet. Once you wash off the clay, you’re left with glowing skin full of healthy minerals!

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Your Skin:

  • Deep cleanses your pores
  • Detoxes your skin from chemicals and heavy metals from pollution and chemicals in make up
  • Fights acne and blemishes
  • Reduces the appearance of acne scarring
  • Balances overall complexion
  • Absorbs excess oil and aids in ongoing sebum production

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Bentonite Clay Mask Recipes:

When mixing your recipe, it is best to use a glass bowl and wooden spoon as metal utensils will affect the all-important negative charge of the clay!

For Breakouts:

Mix equal parts clay with raw apple cider vinegar to form a paste. Apply to your face (or body) and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Apply the mask once or twice a week or during a breakout. Use apple cider vinegar with color and sediment as this is where all the goodness is waiting!

For Wrinkles

Mix one tablespoon clay with one vitamin C capsule and two tablespoons of cooled green tea to make a paste. Apply with clean fingers and let sit for 12 minutes. Rinse with cool water, then moisturize as normal.

The green tea and Vitamin C offer powerful antioxidant properties to prevent aging skin and repairing free radical damage

For Healing and Rejuvenating

Mix one teaspoon of raw honey, with one teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel and one teaspoon of clay. Apply to face and let sit for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water. This mask is thinner than other masks due to the addition of honey.

Add an extra boost by using Manuka honey in your mask!

For Detoxing

Mix one teaspoon clay with one teaspoon activated charcoal and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to form a paste. Apply to skin and leave for ten minutes (or before it dries). Rinse with warm water.

Activated charcoal offers even more negative charge for the ultimate detox. Remember to use apple cider vinegar that has color and sediment!