What to pack for a mid-week trip to Miami

what to pack for a weekend trip to miami LeMert

Packing clothes for a holiday can be a real challenge and sometimes needs years of practice. Usually, one piece of clothing leads to another, and before you’re dragging around a suitcase that exceeds your baggage allowance limit by far, just for a couple of days away! There are many options to tweak your outfit and create a whole new look. No need to bring your whole wardrobe! In this first edition, you can read how to travel light and pack wisely for a mid-week trip to Miami.

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

Miami is known for its hot and colorful vibe, so you might want to blend right into that. Although it sounds intimidating, looking stylish doesn’t take that much effort. Also keep in mind that Miami is hot, very hot. So while you want to look the part, comfort is probably an important factor too. Lucky for you, you can combine the two by packing just 7 clothing items. And of course, you can always jazz them up with some pretty accessories! This is what you need:

  • a midi skirt

  • shorts

  • 2-3 shirts/tops

  • swimsuit

  • long pants

Also, add:

  • sandals

  • flipflops

  • sneakers

  • a city (hand)bag

  • your favorite sunglasses

  • a pretty shawl to jazz up your outfit

Midi/maxi skirt

Maxi dresses are great versatile pieces, that can be worn on any occasion by switching up accessories. It can be scorching hot when you’re visiting Miami in summer, but that doesn’t have to mean you can’t be dressy. Let’s say you’re going to a lunch at a fancy beach restaurant, we might imagine you want to wear something that is sophisticated, yet airy. Take our Sinuosa wrap around skirt which would be a perfect breezy option. Add some strappy sandals and you’re set!  If you’re going for one of our maxi skirts, this could make for a great evening outfit as well. Our Volante printed maxi skirt, for example, is chic and colorful, and you can wear it for an evening of wining and dining.


This might be the most important item in your wardrobe when you’re on a summer beach trip: shorts! The ultimate combination between comfortable and, if you pack the right one, style! Make sure to pack one that has a good, longer fit, so you can style them for several occasions. Our Viajante shorts are dressy because of the sharp pleats down the leg, but the bow adds a touch of drama and fun. Wear them during the day with a t-shirt, and sneakers for a cute or sporty look, or style them with a nice top and sandals for cocktail night.


T-shirts and tops are the most light and easy, yet versatile items in anyone’s closet. They make it possible to mix and match and turns your sporty outfit into a classy one within an instant. Make sure you take some tops with you that are made from a lightweight material, that lets your body breathe. Our Human T-shirt is simple, yet has a touch of fun and sportiness that makes you feel comfortable during a day of sightseeing. Buy a slightly bigger size and tuck them into your shorts or wear them with your pants or jeans. If you want something a bit more dressy for a night of strolling around the city, wear something more dressy, like our Joya Bralette top. You can combine them with your shorts on a hot night, and add sneakers or strappy sandals whether you’re going for sporty and fun, or city chic. If it’s cooling down during the night, you can style them with a pair of white jeans to create a sophisticated but easy-going look.


It’s all about the beach in Miami, so you better pack a beautiful swimsuit with you! It’s a challenge every year: to find a swimsuit that fits and is exactly what you need. We have a swimsuit in our collection that is sporty, yet feminine and actually quite versatile! The Mariposa Ruffled swimsuit has beautiful details to add that bit of luxury to your beachy days. Also, we found that it’s quite easy to style as a top with shorts or a skirt, which makes it a great item for your Miami wardrobe!


Like t-shirts, you can never go wrong with jeans. Right? Jeans might not be the first thing you think of when you’re going to Miami, but they are so versatile, and you can choose between different styles depending on your taste. Go for skinny jeans if you want to create a look that is a bit more sporty, for white jeans if you want that real Italian summer feel, or black jeans for a sultry, sophisticated look. Do you want something funkier? Pack your wide-legged trousers for an instant party feel. Style your jeans with a pretty top or casual shirt, and add sneakers or sandals to create sporty or dressy looks!  

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