Why our Volante skirt embodies Buenos Aires

Volante skirt Buenos Aires

Think about Buenos Aires and you’ll envision balmy summer nights and the rhythmic sounds of Argentine tango. A great inspiration for the LèMert pieces, as they are designed with travel, resorts and exotic locations in mind. No wonder LèMert sees the Volante skirt as Buenos Aires: a perfect personification. Take it with you on your travels and you’re fully prepared for a sultry night of dancing and fun.

Good ‘airs’

Founded in the 16th century, Buenos Aires can be translated into good airs or fair winds. It’s located on the southeastern coast of South America and has a population of around 17 million people. It makes it the fourth most populous city in the America’s, so it’s huge! It’s also one of the most liveable cities in Latin America, which is no wonder. With a melting pot of ethnicities and languages adding to the Argentinian culture and the preserved European-style architecture, Buenos Aires is a unique city where history still plays an enormous part of its identity. Sometimes this is referred to as Porteño, ‘a person that lives in a port city’. As immigrants brought new traditions to the city, that mixed into an urban identity that is usually characterized as cultured, talkative, sensitive, nostalgic and a bit arrogant. Porteño’s are often seen as ‘compradito’, meaning ‘brave’. An archetypal figure of tango, which is of course Argentina’s biggest music genre.

The Volante skirt as Buenos Aires

The Volante skirt is available in three styles: a sporty denim, bold print or clean white. The ruffles sway on the sensual rhythm of the tango, and the bow adds an extra playful, yet feminine touch. Mix it up with a shirt and sneakers during a day of sightseeing in Buenos Aires, and switch to heels and a glamorous top for a night of tango. We’re not going to lie: this skirt will turn heads. Wear Volante with a bit of arrogance, fierceness and girlpower and stay in the spotlights all night. Be a real, female porteño that dances the tango like a true, Argentinian night owl.

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