Why our Reina dress embodies Los Angeles


Rolling waves, pearly white beaches and a fun and cool vibe: that’s Los Angeles in a nutshell. A city famous for its casual glamour, free spirited people and going with the flow. A great match with LèMert pieces, as they are designed with travel, and exotic locations in mind. In the spotlights today: our Reina shirt dress. She’s the ultimate personification of LA, and a key item to your (travel) wardrobe!

City of happiness

Located on the west coast of the USA, Los Angeles is known for its dry summer climate and friendly atmosphere. Everyone knows LA’s thriving arts scene, with Hollywood as most iconic neighbourhood in the world. But the cornerstone of the creative vibe in the City of Angels is the enormous diversity. With ethnic and cultural enclaves like Chinatown, Historic Filipinotown, Little Ethiopia and Tehrangeles (Little Persia), Los Angeles harbours little pieces from over the whole world. Together with a classic beach atmosphere, this melting pot blends into a cosmopolic city effortlessly and brings a unique and happy vibe. Add to that beautiful natural landscapes and an innovative food scene and you’ve got a city that stars in coolness and higher quality living!


Reina shirt dress  

She flows through life with a coastal charm. She’s glamorous and chic, and at the same time breathes fun and coolness. Our Reina shirt dress is Los Angeles, without a doubt. This maxi dress comes in three summer styles and has a fluid, loose silhouette. She’s has a beachy look, but turns into night-time glamour with ease. Details like the patch pockets, buttons and a playful sash make this dress just as happy and cosmopolic as the city its inspired by. Imagine you can be her, Los Angeles personified. Breezing through the streets effortlessly, not having to think about changing into something appropriate for dinner. It’s possible!

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