Why our Joya Bralette Top embodies Miami

Joya Bralette Top Miami

Miami, the city with beaches, art-deco architecture, lots of art, and a bustling nightlife. What does this city have in common with LèMert? Our Joya Bralette Top. We feel that this item embodies Miami in every way. Read along to find out why.

A mix of cultures

The Capital of Latin America, some call Miami. It is due to the number of Spanish speaking people who live in the city. A lot of Cuban-Americans reside in the city as well as people from other South American countries and other countries around the globe. This diverse population might be the secret to Miami´s edge. The countless of different cooking styles that are combined in the city are the proof. Our Joya Bralette Top is just as diverse. With its ruffles and its bows, it matches the South American influences throughout the city.


Miami´s art deco district is the eyecatcher in the city. The pastel buildings against the backdrop of the beach give you the feeling like your walking on a film set or in an episode of Miami Vice. In those buildings, there are poolside terraces and lavish nightclubs. Our Joya Bralette Top matches this vibe completely. It fits right in the backdrop of the buildings of the buildings with its bright colors and playful allure with is perfect for the poolside parties or when matches with high waisted pants for a night out. And what about the galleries in Coconut Groove, where the Joya Top in combination with the Volante skirt is a perfect outfit to attend openings or to just admire the finest arts.


We cannot possibly write about Miami without mentioning its beaches since Miami is sunny all year round. You can surf, relax, party, see and be seen at the beaches on the coastline. South Beach is one of the most popular beaches but, people can also head on to Haulover beach, which is a bit quieter. Our Joya Bralette Top embodies the beach. It even comes in yellow. It is the perfect outfit to throw on over a bikini top or to just flaunt on the boardwalk.

There you have it. All the reasons why our Joya Bralette Top embodies Miami! Where do you see yourself wearing our Joya Bralette Top? Let us know @lemertofficial on Instagram!